Rhetoric movement

Julkaisemme SARVin (Suomen arvostelijain liiton) tanssi- ja teatterijaoksen englanninkielisen kritiikkikurssin satoa. Kurssi järjestetään Baltic Circle -festivaalin yhteydessä ja sen opettajana toimii arvostettu skotlantilainen kriitikko Mark Brown.


Oblivia’s core members, performers Annika Tudeer, Anna Krzystek and Timo Fredriksson worked seamlessly together in their new piece Super B which had its Finnish premiere during the Baltic Circle festival.

As they move on stage, they talk about waiting for Jean-Luc, and parody pop culture through versions of songs such as Abba’s Thank You for the Music and The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun. They even call each other by fictive forenames, like characters in TV-series. The movement in the beginning of the performance starts by self-indulgently fooling with clichés of contact improvisation and soft techniques in contemporary dance.  Everything they do is finalized with a touch of peace and dignity.

Photo: Eija Mäkivuoti.
Photo: Eija Mäkivuoti.

Even if the show had its highlights – like a nicely rhythmical verbal dispute playing with the words ”fuck” and ”fucking” – I was waiting for the company to come up with something new about the theme of ”a bad performance”. Super B didn’t really reach the marvellous humour and depth of associations achieved by the company’s first production, Museum of Postmodern Art 1. The light design by Meri Ekola and sound design and music by Juuso Voltti were balanced and gathered this cavalcade of scenes beautifully together.

Jenni Sainio

The writer is an independent performing arts professional: director, producer and writer. Her passion is in observing movement in all its dimensions, e.g. in physical theatre and contemporary dance but also outside art context in conciousness and in the rich fabric of everyday life.


Oblivia (FIN/UK): Super B

Media Centre Lume 15.11.2013

Finnish premiere 14.-15.11.2013 at Media Centre Lume

World premier was at Bastard festival, Avantgarden, Norway 10.-11.9.2013.

Working group (devising & on stage): Timo Fredriksson, Anna Krzystek (UK) & Annika Tudeer

Sound and music: Juuso Voltti

Light: Meri Ekola

Photography: Eija Mäkivuoti

Production manager: Marina Andersson-Rahikka (Suomi), Christian Koch, Passanten GMBH (international)